Tebow and 'Bama and AU players at Senior Bowl

Tebow was eight-of-12 for 50 yards and a fumble lost. Not that impressive. I'm not going to totally rule the guy out for the NFL, but it's going to be hard. He's a great competitor, but he may just not have the mechanics to make it throwing the ball in the league. If he has to make a position switch, he should. Colin Peek caught a td pass. I think Peek can be another Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys. He's just outstanding. A lot of Alabama seniors will get their shot next year. Cody needs to get his weight down. He's got a lot of work ahead of him. Would like to see Roy Upchurch make a roster. He was a great team player, and, of course, Mike Johnson. He was the ultimate team player.

Antonio Coleman has to work hard, but he could be a player in the future in the league. Ben Tate could get his shot, too. I think he will. He needs to hold onto the ball though. Can't fumble.