Tiger, Saints

Selena Roberts of SI wrote a column in the back of the magazine a few weeks ago writing that Tiger would not break Jack's record of 18 slams. I couldn't disagree with that more. She based it on pressure and injury possibilities. Injury would be the only thing holding Tiger back, but he's too focused on this record to let it slip away. Tiger can play competitive golf on the tour into his fifties with as great a shape as he's in. He's going to break it barring a major injury.  The Saints are the great story of the NFL. SI wrote a piece on them (good read). Kind of a group of outcast receivers who have come together and work their tail off to be the best they can be. Drew Brees sets the standard for excellence of quarterbacks along with Peyton and Brady.

Brees is an awesome guy and a great rep for the city. It would be special for the Saints to win it all with all New Orleans has been through. They have a tough one tomorrow night though with the Falcons. The Falcons have given them trouble lately. Should be a classic on Monday Night football.