Tiger Prowl 2

I really didn't like it at first. Thought it was ostentatious and not very classy. But you can't argue with the results. Auburn landed a top five class this year and Tiger Prowl and Big Cat weekend had a lot to do with it. The bus is in town Wed with six assistant coaches who will visit coaches at Hoover, Leeds, Minor and somewhere else. It's going all over the state. The tour really has made an impression on impressionable teenagers. Coach Chizik, Curtis Luper and Trooper Taylor have a good thing going and have reaped the benefits so far. The 2010 class has yet to hit the field though. They still have to produce, some their freshmen years. That's not a sure thing. There could be injuries and some guys who just don't pan out, but Michael Dyer, Corey Lemonier and company look really good on paper. Cam Newton may be the starter for the Arkansas State game on Sept. 4 though I was pretty impressed with Neil Caudle, Barrett Trotter and Clint Moseley. Think Caudle could start and be an effective qb for AU. Newton didn't get a lot of opportunities in the A-Day game, so I thought maybe they're just holding him out because they know he's the man. He's got the size at 6'6", 240 pounds and is the third fastest guy on the team. Could be a phenom. Still like Caudle a lot. Think he would bring a lot of Chris Todd leadership to the offense with good passing skills and a lot better mobility than Todd. Caudle can run. But it may be moot. Newton could be the man. May not know until fall practice though could be earlier.