SEC refs

I know there has been a lot of banter about the SEC refs lately, and I'd like to give you my take on it. I think Kiffin was out of line in his comments, but as loud as he was about it, in a way, he had a point.

He had about eight or ten penalties called against him and Bama had zero. That is highly unusual.

But more glaring were the Arkansas-Florida, Ms. State-Florida and Vandy-SC blown calls.

The Arkansas game calls were horrible and lost the game for Razorbacks. State got robbed, too. I didn't see both those games entirely, but the blown calls in the Ark game decided that game.

Petrino had a good beef. So did Mullen for that matter.

In the Vandy game, the replay official overturned two calls on the field that definitely allowed SC to win. The first was a fumble by SC deep in their own territory on their first drive which Vandy recovered. Vandy would have most likely gotten points off that turnover and gone ahead. But the replay official ruled that it was not a fumble. Replay on TV made it clear that it was a fumble.

Then there was a catch in the end zone by an SC receiver that was ruled incomplete by the on field ref only to be overturned by the replay official as a touchdown. Both calls were blown and cost Vandy the game in a 14-10 loss. That was really a travesty.


I don't blame coaches for calling out officials. I guess it has to stop at some point, but this determines their job security when these refs make bad calls, so for them to question the refs in my opinion is understandable.

These refs need to get it right and stop making mistakes that ruin one team's chances of winning a game. I think the refs always need to held accountable. They choose to take this job, so they need to get the calls right the majority of the time. The coaches should complain when a ref loses a game for them. These mistakes have been costly. They need to get it right or be held accountable for their actions, and, if necessary, be suspended like that one crew was. These blown calls in important times of the game need to stop.