Roethlisberger hit with six game suspension

Feel like that was the right punishment. From reports in the media, he's lucky he's not in jail for rape. I know nothing was proven and they didn't have enough evidence to prosecute him, but he has exhibited very dangerous behavior in the past, so there is a great deal of suspicion that there may have been some foul play involved. He can get it down to four games if he follows the code of conduct Roger Goodell has laid out for him. He has really hurt his team and the organization. The Steelers may even trade him before the draft. The Raiders are one of the teams of interest. He's probably a good fit for the Raiders. They're  known for their bad boys, and man do they need a quarterback. Bills and Rams were also mentioned but are reported to not be interested. Other teams mentioned were the 49ers, the Jaguars, the Seahawks and the Browns. The Steelers have a rich tradition and this is a black mark on them. They have to pay back some of Roethlisberger's salary due to the punishment. Also, have to pay some back to the league for Santonio Holmes who got in an altercation with a woman last month also. Holmes was traded to the Jets two weeks ago. Steelers a great organization and Pittsburgh a great town. Shouldn't put up with this.

Roger Goodell has made his reputation on not putting up with bad actors and I'm all for it. Pro athletes need to learn how to act as civilized people. I'm glad the commissioner is taking this stand. Roethlisberger's actions should not be tolerated. Pittsburgh is not going to tolerate it either. They may go ahead and get rid of him. He's just run out of get out of farewell shots. The motorcycle wreck, the assault charge last year in Lake Tahoe and this in Georgia. Enough is enough. He needs to pay the price for his actions.