Good to see Ro McClain get the Butkus Award for most outstanding lb. He certainly deserved it. He was the best defensive player on what could be the best team in the country; if they win national champ game. I like the way Nick Saban handles talking about individual players. He stresses the team aspect of it. When asked about Mark Ingram, he always mentions the qb, the line (very important) and the wide outs. He does the same with the defense. I know some people wish he would promote Ingram some more, but that's the way Saban handles it. His team concept certainly works. There are so many good players on this team that it is hard to single a player out.

Gene Chizik is the same way at Auburn. I like the way he handles it, too. 

Mack Brown politics a little more for McCoy and that may be smart, too. It's just different styles. No one particular way is right. Both work.