other bowls-BCS, AU, others

There are two great BCS bowls besides the national championship game:  The Fiesta Bowl pitting TCU vs Boise State and the Sugar Bowl with Cincy facing Florida.

TCU has it all. While I haven't seen them play, I've read about them and seen highlights. Gary Patterson is a master at defense and his defense is very good. His offense is pretty special too, with a good quarterback in Andy Dalton.

Boise State has the prolific offense and a decent defense. 

Could be a shootout, or TCU could shut Boise down. See more of a shootout with TCU winning.


The Sugar Bowl pits the Gators and the Bearcats. Cincy has an amazing offense. Tony Pike brought his team back from a 31-10 deficit against Pitt to win 45-44. He is an amazing qb. Their offense has a ton of playmakers at wideout.

Florida may have the Alabama hangover. I like Cincy to upset the Gators in Sugar Bowl.

Orange Bowl-Ga Tech vs Iowa. That Tech offense is flat out near unstoppable, and though Iowa is a solid team, Tech will just be too much offensively. Tech has an average defense, but Iowa's offense just doesn't have the explosiveness of Tech. Like Tech to win by seven or 10 maybe more.

Rose Bowl-Ohio State vs Oregon-Isn't everybody tired of Ohio State? They just never get it done. Like Oregon to beat them. Oregon is an exciting team. Too fast for Ohio State.

Outback Bowl-Auburn vs Northwestern-LIke this matchup. Northwestern is a pretty wide open team offensively, and AU is exciting, as we've seen most of the season. Like AU in this one in what could be a three to seven point game. Auburn just has too many playmakers for Northwestern, though it should be close.


PapaJohns Bowl-South Carolina vs Connecticut-Good game for Bham. Last year's NC State-Rutgers game was a good one with Rutgers pulling it out at the end. I'm going to go with the SEC in this one, though. Conn is playing inspired football after the death of one of its' players this year. SC by three.


Music City Bowl-Clemson vs Kentucky-Clemson has so much fire power with C.J. Spiller, but the way SC handled them a couple of weeks ago, you gotta think KY has the edge. I'm going with the SEC in this one also. Kentucky has a pretty good defense and a good offense. Randall Cobb is all world and Derrick Locke is right behind him for KY.

Chick -Fil-A-Va Tech vs Tenn. Going with Va Tech in this one. Think they're a pretty good football team and I'm not convinced Kiffin is that good, though his father is an excellent d coordinator. He has two coaches who are leaving him, Eddie Gran, the former Auburn coach, being one of them, and Frank Wilson, who is going to LSU. Gran going to FSU. Just have a feeling those two don't have much confidence in Kiffin. Beamer outcoaches Kiffin.

Capital One-Penn State vs LSU-Like the SEC here again. Penn State is not fast enough for LSU. LSU's qb, Jordan Jefferson, if he can get the offense down, can be a fine qb in the next two years. The LSU offense is better than Penn State's with rb Keiland Williams and Terrence Tolliver, Brandon LaFell and Trindon Holliday as playmakers. LSU defense can stop Penn State, too. LSU over Penn State.

Cotton Bowl- Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss-If Ole Miss plays up to their potential, they should win. Just have too many weapons on offense with McCluster, wide out Hodge, rb Bolden and Snead at qb. Defense is pretty good, too. Like Ole Miss if they play way they're capable of playing.

Liberty Bowl-East Carolina-Arkansas- Like Razorbacks. They're pretty good. East Carolina is a pretty decent team. They blasted UAB and beat a pretty good Houston team to capture C-USA title, but Hogs have that SEC battle-tested edge. Hogs should have beaten LSU. Hogs have that explosive offense. That's their edge.

Gator Bowl-Florida State vs. West Virginia-Bobby Bowden's last game. Class man, but it's time. FSU could play with a passion, but West Virginia has a good skilled players, good quarterback and better personnel overall. Like WVa.

Sun Bowl-Stanford vs Oklahoma- Like the Cardinal. Toby Gerhart is unreal. Harbaugh doing great things in Palo Alto. Oklahoma good team but not near as good without Sam Bradford. I would love to see Gerhart play in the NFL next year. It would be nice to see a white running back make it in the pros. 

Independence Bowl-Georgia vs. Texas A&M-LIke the Dogs. Richt will finish a tough year out with two big wins over his instate rival and in the bowl game. A&M has a good young quarterback, but the Dogs, from the best conference in the country, will prevail.