NFL playoffs

OK, I'm addicted to the blog. Maybe I need to go to rehab. Here is the NFL playoff picture:

AFC-The wild cards are not decided. The AFC is pretty convoluted, but I think the Jets and Ravens are in if they win. Jets host Bengals on Sunday and Ravens travel to Oakland. Steelers, Broncos and Texans in it.

NFC-All six playoff teams are in but it's a fight for the No.2 seed between Philly, the Vikings and Cards. If Philly wins-at Dallas not easy-they are No.2 seed and get a bye first round. If Philly loses and Vikings win (hosting Giants) they're No.2. If Zona wins (hosting Green Bay) and the other two lose, they are the No.2 seed.

If Dallas beats Philly on Sunday, they get in if Vikings and Cardinals lose.

Here is the breakdown by ESPN: