New overtime rule in NFL

I like it. Voted 28-4 in favor by the owners. Now in overtime, if the receiving team kicks a field goal on their first possession, the other team gets a chance to get the ball themselves and for the tying field goal or winning touchdown. The coaches didn't like it, particularly Sean Payton, who voiced his displeasure to CNNSI's Peter King, but I think it's a great change. Now if the receiving team scores a touchdown or the defense scores a td or gets a safety, the game is over. If they only kick a field goal, the other team gets a shot. Not sure why coaches are against this.

This new rule will only be implemented in the playoffs as of now. A spokesman for the NFL, committee co-chair Rich McKay of the Falcons (GM pretty sure), said the coaches were also against the two-point conversion and instant replay and both those changes have worked out pretty well.

I like it. I do agree with the coaches a lot, but this time I'm with the owners.