Mike Leach more

Leach has a stipulation in his contract that if he makes it past Thursday (Dec. 31) he gets an 800 K bonus. He is trying to coach in the bowl game. He may know it's not going to work out at Tech, but he does want to make his bonus. He's a lawyer and I'm sure negotiated a good contract. Who knows what happened with this kid? My feeling is the kid wasn't tough and complained to da da and Craig James is being a pain in the neck and he has a lot of pull. I'm for the coach in this instance. If they fire him for cause, I'm not sure if he still gets his 400 K a year for the next four years or not. He probably will knowing his ability to negotiate. They probably are going to fire him, but I hope for the best for the coach. Heck, he took'em to another bowl game this season  after losing his first round draft choice, wr Michael Crabtree, and their stud qb from last year. If he was 11-1 or 10-2, I don't think there would be much controversy.