MIke Leach

That's a weird situation at Texas Tech. I just don't believe that a coach, with all of the legalities and precautions these days, particularly with concussions, would purposely try to harm his player. There is something more there. He kept him in a cool place out of the sun to protect the James boy from any more effects from his mild concussion. I have a feeling, and this is just my instinct, that Leach had problems with this kid and maybe some nosy parents. Craig James was a great player, but just from observing him on ESPN as an analyst, he's a hyped up guy and could be overbearing  in his son's situation.

Why would Leach sue to be able to coach in the bowl game? I don't know, it just seems like the player had something to do with the way this situation was handled. I hope it works out and that Leach was not at fault. He is a good coach. I hope he didn't intentionally mess with this kid's health. I don't think he did from what I've gathered from reports. He and his lawyer don't think so.