The guy has lost it. I don't know why he went after the Orlando Sentinel reporter telling him he was a bad guy and saying he'd beat him up basically. Somebody on ESPN equated that to Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State's coach) a couple of years ago when he was defending one of his players. It's not the same. Mike Gundy was defending a player whom a columnist questioned as to the player's manliness. It was a personal attack on the player and way out of line.I didn't blame Gundy at all for that. I supported him. He was in the right and the columnist should have been called out for her irresponsible and stupid comments.

This is not the same. The guy at the Sentinel was just reporting what the receiver, Deonte Thompson, said about Tim Tebow, which was very derogatory. He said Florida's new quarterback, John Brantley, was a "real quarterback." There were other critical things said in the interview. He didn't only say it to the Sentinel reporter, too. There were other reporters there who reported that. The receiver hadn't played a lick for two years, so there was some bitterness in his comments. Not the reporters' fault for reporting it. It's Thompson's fault for saying it.

Then Meyer verbally attacks the guy. I still think Meyer can't get over the fact that Nick Saban thoroughly whipped him in the SEC title game, which led to his ridiculously stupid one day hiatus from the sport. He's just a petty guy. He deserves to be called out himself. Florida is lucky to have the coverage. Meyer's an arrogant, insecure guy in my opinion.