McCluster vs Harvin

These two are maybe two of the most explosive players that have played in the SEC. Harvin (now with Minnesota) is probably stronger than McCluster, but their speed is a wash. Both have incredible speed. I would give Harvin a slight nod in the talent department; he's just a phenom. McCluster needs to hit the weights and get stronger for the next level. I would love to see him in the NFL. From what I hear, he's got the work ethic, and Houston Nutt says he's a "great kid." Love to see McCluster do well in the league. Good win today for Ole Miss (21-7). Defense played well and McCluster was awesome. We'll see how Ole Miss does next year. They'll lose McCluster, Shay Hodge and possibly Jevan Sneed though he could use another year of college football. But they've recruited well, so they should be a good team.

On the other side, South Carolina is terrible offensively. Lost 20-7. I've said this before: When is Steve Spurrier going to find a quarterback? He needs some linemen to go along with it. They were terrible against UConn.