One of the posters wrote to me earlier today saying that the player on the winning team in the Alabama-Florida game will win the Heisman; either Ingram or Tebow. That could very well be true. Those are two very impressive players and Ingram has been more impressive this year, though if Tebow and Fl beat Al. and he has a big game, it could change the voters' opinion. I think the Heisman is somewhat of a week to week thing if a particular player is having a good season though it gets firmed up at this stage. But I believe Dexter McCluster entered the discussion last weekend. In my opinion, he is the best player in college football. Over 330  total yards against UT's defense, that's insane. I know, Ingram is awesome and has the numbers. But I've never seen a game-changer like McCluster. I really think he's one of the most exciting players in the SEC since Herschel and Bo. Percy Harvin was pretty exciting last year, too. 

I just love the way the guy plays the game. He's heading for the end zone every time he touches the ball, and unless you level him, he's going to score. 

I'm just saying that if he has a big game against LSU this weekend, he should be in the discussion. The reason he doesn't have the big numbers is because Ole Miss didn't employ him enough in earlier games. You got to give the guy the ball.

If he doesn't have a good game against LSU, I'll close the book on that thought. But if he does, I think he should get serious consideration. It may be too late, but the guy deserves recognition. If it doesn't work out with the Heisman– which in all likelihood it won't– the senior will still make a lot of money  in the NFL in the future. That's probably more important to him in the long run.