McClain legit

Rolando McClain is a very legitimate candidate for the Heisman in my opinion. As the Birmingham News column and stories reported, McClain is the leader of a defense that is arguably the best in the country. With Dont'a Hightower healthy and in the lineup, there is no doubt that the Tide would be the best. Still, they're outstanding, and McClain is their leader. The Tide ranks fifth in the country in scoring defense at 11.4 allowed per game and fourth in total defense.

McClain has been extraordinary. He leads the team with 57 tackles, he has seven tackles for loss for a total of 28 yards lost, he has two sacks for 19 yards lost, he's intercepted two passes and he has forced a fumble.

He is a dominant football player, and with the offensive players on the best teams in the country (McCoy, Tebow) not putting up the great numbers, why not choose the leader of possibly the best team in the country.

Charles Woodson won it over Peyton Manning back in 97 in a very controversial decision by the voters. In my mind, if McClain keeps it up and leads this team to an undefeated season and SEC Championship, he should get it. Mark Ingram is another good candidate, but I don't know if even he has had the impact that McClain has had. Right now, McClain, in my mind, should win the Heisman. He's the most dominating player on the most dominant defense in the country.