Matt Moore, Jay Cutler

Matt has taken over from Jake Delhomme for Carolina and has been great. Was 15-of-20 for 171 yards and three tds in Carolina's win over Giants yesterday, 41-9. John Fox is a great coach, took the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2004 and has had his team in the playoffs quite a few times. Glad he finished strong so he can get another shot next year. Put Jay in the scrapheap last night, but he's doing great tonight as are his teammates as Bears lead 16-0. Hope Jay can keep it up. This is the Bears team that was expected at the beginning of the season. The offensive line has been awesome. Maybe they can keep it up. Would love to see Jay turn it around and start playing the kind of football he's capable of playing. The Saints would like that too; particularly tonight, so they can get the home field advantage from the Vikings.