mack brown: good or very lucky?

Clay Travis, a writer for Fanhouse, couldn't believe Mack Brown's clock management at the end of the Nebraska-Texas game. He would have lost the game had his qb not thrown an incomplete pass that hit the ground with one second left. Brown did have a timeout left. He could have used it a lot earlier in the drive called it, gotten more yardage spiked the ball and had time for a closer field goal. Instead, he lucked out because his qb threw an incomplete pass at the end of the game. Brown just got a raise to 5 mil/year after last week's performance. He's signed through 2016. I don't think Will Muschamp is going to like that very much. Brown is 58. This is what Travis wrote about Brown's decision-making in the final seconds of the Big 12 champ game.


"And I can't believe I'm writing this, but what Brown did at the end of that game was even dumber than what Les Miles did at the end of the Ole Miss game. If you're a Texas fan, the fact that you won the game shouldn't wash away the profound stupidity of Brown's decision. Once Texas ran the pass play, they effectively took the ball out of their team's hands and relied on complete luck to survive. 

In the process, Mack Brown did what I heretofore believed was impossible: looked like more of an idiot than Les Miles. Yet, I haven't heard or read a peep of criticism of Brown since that kick sailed through the uprights. 

Going up against Nick Saban, Mack Brown is going to get exposed. Really utterly and completely exposed for the sideline coach that he is."