kentucky outcoached by Clemson

Ky oc Joker Phillips was thoroughly outcoached by Clemson dc Kevin Steele. Steele, the former dc at Alabama last year, had Ky's offense figured out and made them look pretty average. And Ky quarterback Morgan Newton was pretty ineffective as were Randall Cobb and Derrick Locke. There were some key drops and a fumble by Ky that led to the clinching td by Clemson, who won 21-13. Rich Brooks has done a great job with Ky taking a basketball school to four straight bowls winning three in a row until last night. His job was in jeopardy going into the season years ago–people were writing his coaching obituary, but he believed in himself and his system, and oversaw some of the best success Ky football has ever had. He says he's 80 percent sure he'll retire. Not sure how Joker Phillips will do in his place. Not sure if he's that great of an oc to begin with, so it remains to be seen if he can handle the head job. Steele's defense was all over Ky last night. 

C.J. Spiller had 172 total yards. He should make a lot of money in the NFL and he had a great college career. Got his degree in Sociology recently. Did it in three and a half years. Says he's most proud of that. Great kid and great player. Dabo Sweeney doing an awesome job at Clemson. Good things ahead for him and his program.