There is no doubt they are for real. Beat Lville 71-62 to move to 15-0. I really thought they might struggle early this season with three frosh starters, but these three are phenomenal. DeMarcus Cousins, frosh from LeFlore High School in Mobile, had 18 points and 18 boards. Frosh John Wall scored 17 and frosh Eric Bledsoe, from Parker here in Bham, had 12. Patrick Patterson, the old man of the group, a junior, had 18. But they were two-of-14 from three point range and 21-of-34 at the free throw line.  So they're not perfect. The SEC is coming up. These frosh are very good. They should do well in conference with the preseason schedule they've played. With Tn probably losing Tyler Smith and a couple of others for their role in a gun/pot deal, and if Pearl doesn't try to weasel out if it, Ky is the definite favorite to win the conference though Vandy could give them a run. In the West Ms. State looks to be the best. It'll be a war on both sides as it always is. Maybe not a great year for SEC basketball, but should be fun as usual.