Iowa, Favre, series

I failed to mention Iowa as a player in the national championship picture. You can't count them out though they don't have the speed of Alabama, Florida, Texas or Oregon. They could be a little more physical than Boise State, but Boise State probably has more speed, too. Not sure about TCU; obviously, they're good. Brett Favre has been awesome this season. Huge win over the Packers with 4 td passes yesterday. Pretty classy in post-game with Pam Oliver of Fox. Said how much it meant to him to play in Green Bay. Wow, at 40-years old, playing a 27-year old MVP. Pretty amazing. Vikings look like a top four team in NFL along with Saints, Patriots and Colts.


Yankees took control of the series last night. How about Johnny Damon's double steal. They're just playing at an incredibly high level right now. With A.J. Burnett going tonight they're looking pretty good, though Cliff Lee is going for the Phils and he will make it tough. Should be a great pitcher's duel, though the way these two teams hit, you never know.