Greg McElroy

The legend of Greg lives on, playing with two cracked ribs in the championship game. Pretty amazing stuff. He hurt his ribs  in the Florida game and has toughed it out ever since. Probably explains his 6-of-11 performance. But he had a great running game with Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson both going for over 100.

Bama is going to plug in some defensive players next year, there will be losses on defense with probably Ro going; Javy, Cory Reamer, Marquis Johnson, Terrence Cody, Lorenzo Washington, Brandon Deaderick, Justin Woodall for sure, and maybe Kareem Jackson, but there is a lot of young talent coming up. Everyone was so worried about the oline coming into the season and look what the young guys, Barrett Jones, James Carpenter and William Vlachos did.

Dont'a Hightower will be back next year which is huge, and if he's at full strength, he should be the anchor. They've got guys like B.J. Scott (db), Jerrell Harris (lb), Josh Chapman (dt), Robby Green (db), who played a lot this year, Tana Patrick (lb) and Dre Kirkpatrick (db) among others.

Offense should be loaded. Need a couple of offensive linemen to step up in the starting rotation, but skilled positions should be set.