Good stuff from Vandy players on Johnson's departure

The players at Vanderbilt have always impressed me. They go through a lot of pain during the season with the losses, but they still stay optimistic. They want to win just like Alabama and Florida do. I like what they say about Caldwell, the new coach, and their attitude for the upcoming season. They could surprise some people; they've got good players. Depth is always an issue at Vandy. Staying healthy is important, but the backups have really been upgraded over the past couple of years. I give Bobby Johnson a lot of credit for that. He's a class guy and did a good job overall. His offenses never peaked though. Maybe Caldwell and coaches can make this offense a little more explosive. Larry Smith or Jordan Rodgers has to come through along with offensive line. (Adam "Smo" Smotherman pictured left.) Vandy players: