Good draft for 'Bama, Ben Tate

'Ro goes eighth to Raiders. Could get $20m guaranteed and possibly 40m  contract. Kareem Jackson goes to Texans 20th. What a jump Kareem made. Todd McShay of ESPN said in March to look for Kareem to go highly. Liked him a lot. Got the maturity and the skills. One area the pros were concerned with was his speed, but he ran 4.49, sub 4.5, so his stock was high. 'Ro should be a force at the next level at inside backer. Leader, great competitor and makes clutch, winning plays. Javier Arenas picked by the Chiefs in second round. Just think Javy adds so much to the team; great speed, breakaway ability on punt returns like Devon Hester of Bears, great ball skills and the intangibles of toughness and leadership. And, like Kareem and 'Ro, was probably coached up better than any other players in college football.

Mount Cody goes to Ravens in second round. They like their big defensive tackles with Tony "the Goose" playing for them in the past. Cody just needs to work hard and work on his pass rushing skills. Got the athletic ability.

Mike Johnson goes to Falcons in the third round. Think he should be a success. Got toughness and great leadership skills. He's also a fine blocker and smart. Good football player.

Ben Tate goes to Texans in second round. Think Tate can be pretty good. He's got a pretty high opinion of his abilities, there is no doubt about that. Fumbles some, so he can't afford to do that or he'll be on the bench or off the team. Got toughness and speed. Needs to really get to work, but can have a successful pro career if he works hard. Has the tools. Got to work on ball security. At Auburn, he fumbled at some inopportune times.