General thoughts

It might seem silly for some people to think one's emotions are controlled by the fate of his/her football team, but I think for some people, it is. If your team wins your attitude at the office is better, your nicer, happier, life is just better. Alabama fans are on a high right now and they should be. They feel great about themselves and their football team. The Crimson Nation is on a roll. If recruiting ends up as well as it looks, it should be even better in February as fans get ready for Spring practice.

But don't forget basketball. This is my own opinion, but I feel like Anthony Grant is going to do some great things at the University. He just seems like he's got it. Mike Davis is doing great things at UAB and Jeff Lebo is doing his best to get Auburn into the tourney one of these years.

Texas fans should be excited about their basketball team, too. The Horns could be a Final Four team. They certainly have the guns.

Just a final word on the Texas football team: They showed a lot of character playing without their leader for almost the entire game and Garrett Gilbert grew up before the country in one game. He could be a great one like Colt.

Jordan Shipley is an awesome wide receiver; hopefully he'll be in the NFL next year. Reminds me so much of Wes Welker of the Patriots, but with a little more speed. The defense had some outstanding players who will be in the NFL and played their hearts out last night. Seniors Roddrick Muckelroy (middle lb), de Sergio KIndle and dt Lamarr Houston are all stellar players.

Will Muschamp is an incredible defensive coordinator. He needs to be a head man somewhere as do Kirby Smart and Jim McElwain. I know 'Bama fans wouldn't want to see them go, but they are excellent coaches and deserve a shot as does Muschamp. I don't know if Will wants to wait five more years before Brown retires if he even does then.