Finished with a 2-5 record this weekend, 23-20 overall for season. Picked Ky and Ark upsets and missed those both by two overtime losses against Tenn and LSU. LSU beat Ark and Tenn beat Ky. SEC showed its strength again over ACC teams this time. Thought the SEC may not be as good this year, but with SC's convincing win over Clemson and Georgia's huge win over Tech, SEC proved it's probably best conference in the country. PAC-10 is in that debate; maybe the bowls will determine which conference is the best.

AU-Bama was a classic. AU pulled out all the stops to win the game, particularly in the first half. Great game plan, great effort, just a little short. Alabama showed that it is a true champion with the final drive and the outstanding play call at the goal line. Saban told his offensive coaches to pass, and they executed a tremendous play to score the deciding touchdown. Now, it's on to Florida for Bama, while AU gets ready for bowl game and recruiting.

Florida and Tebow looked great against FSU yesterday, maybe better than they've looked all season. This is going to be a classic. Will give prediction later in the week.

Looked like Ingram could have fallen out of Heisman race with McCoy and Tebow taking over and an outside run from Gerhart of Stanford. If Ingram could come back against Florida and play great, could get interesting again, though he has a hip pointer and may be limited. We'll see how that injury plays out this week.