End of the season SEC grades

Here are my grades for SEC teams this year:  

Alabama: A: Best team in the country in my opinion. Could very well be in Pasadena hoisting national championship trophy on January 7, 2010.

Florida: A-: Second best team in the country, just not as impressive as last year offensively without some key offensive linemen and Percy Harvin. Still in national championship picture.

Ole Miss: B+: Have come on strong at end of the season. Dexter McCluster is all world.

Kentucky: B+: Played well throughout the year. Rich Brooks is an excellent football coach and doing great things at a basketball school. Need to beat UT to get eight wins; huge for UK.

Arkansas: B-: Had some good wins. Petrino will get them there.

Tennessee: C+: Kiffin did OK in first year. Mouths off too much, but he may be OK with a good staff.

Auburn: C: Started off great, but became erratic. Defense was shoddy a lot of times, offense was inconsistent; great at times, not so good at others.

Mississippi State: C: Did better under Mullen. Still has a ways to go.

Georgia: D: Had a bad year. Losing Stafford and Moreno didn't help.

LSU: D: Miles had a meltdown against Ole Miss. Team really struggled for an identity. No fluidity on offense. Team's a mystery.

South Carolina: D: Had an implosion from the halfway point of the season once again. Spurrier has not had a decent qb yet in Columbia.

Vanderbilt: F: 0-8 in SEC, 2-10 overall. Nothing's changed. I guess you have to keep the faith if you're a Vandy fan. Just remain hopeful; hope is all you've got.