Donovan McNabb

There has always been a debate about how good he is. Some say he gets lambasted in Philly due to racial reasons. I don't think it's a racial thing. Philly, like every other pro football town, wants a Super Bowl championship, and while McNabb has led them to five NFC East titles and one Super Bowl, he's never won it. And I don't think he ever will. The talk right now is that he is going to the Raiders for a second round draft pick. That doesn't seem like much value for him, so that's not very smart. But McNabb has never been in the class of Tom Brady or now Drew Brees even Peyton Manning (though not sure about his ability to win championships, either). In the Super Bowl against the Patriots in 2005, he looked like he was tired on the last drive and wasted a lot of time. It was crunch time, and he didn't have that sense of urgency with a chance to tie or win the game. I just have never been a huge fan of his.

Now he's 33-years old and he may have some good years left, but I just don't think he's a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Some compare the Eagles success with McNabb to the Atlanta Braves' success in baseball. That's good enough in my book. The Braves should have multiple world championships under Bobby Cox (at least two, even three), but only have one. They have had the best talent some years, but have only gotten it done once on the big stage. A lot of people say Bobby Cox can't motivate his players enough to get it done in the postseason. I agree with that assessment.

I think the same holds true for McNabb. He has good stats and has had a good career. I think it's a stretch to say it's been a great career. I just think you have to win the big one to be considered great. While he has had a pretty solid career at Philly, he's not gotten the team to the pinnacle of success. The Eagles may now be going with Kevin Kolb. Don't know much about him, so can't pass judgment. The deal hasn't been done, but it's looking like they'll trade McNabb. I just don't see McNabb winning a Super Bowl, so maybe it's time for the Eagles to move on.