college football playoff-wishful thinking

I've never been a huge proponent of the college football playoff until this season.  There are just too many teams that can lay a claim to getting a shot in the national championship game.

If Alabama or Florida wins out, and Texas wins out, the two winners will be in the national championship game. But what about TCU, Cincy, Boise State and even Ga Tech?

I propose an eight-team playoff. Here's what it would look like:

You incorporate the four BCS Bowls in the playoff. I'm just using the standings today to seed the teams. That could change by the end of the rankings.

No.1 Florida vs. No. 8 LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

No.2 Alabama vs. No. 7 Ga Tech in the Orange Bowl.

No.3 Texas vs. No.6 Boise State in the Rose Bowl.

No.4 TCU vs. No.5 Cincy in Fiesta Bowl.


winner of Florida-LSU plays TCU-Cincy  winner in Atlanta.

winner of Alabama-GaTech plays winner of Texas-Boise in St. Louis (Dome).

National championship game at any of four earlier sites: Rose, Fiesta, Sugar or Orange. It would rotate.

I may be howling at the moon with how the NCAA is about a playoff, but they could still keep the bowls for other teams that have had a good season. But with a year like this--though a lot can change before the end of the season--the teams are begging for a playoff. The playoffs could start Jan. 1 with the first round, the semis would take place  Jan. 8 and then the national championship game would be Jan.15.

I wasn't a proponent before, but I am now. I wish we could make this happen. Maybe it will happen one day.