Bud Adams is the Man!

You gotta love Bud Adams. The Tennessee Titans' owner has to go down in history as making one of the most classic gestures of all time by giving fellow 80-something owner Ralph Wilson the finger after the Titans defeated the Bills on Sunday. Adams is the same owner (he's 86) who told his coach three weeks ago to start Vince Young. The Titans have won three in a row since Young took over, so Adams knows what he's doing.

I think it's hilarious really. These two 80+ year olds hate each other from their days in the AFL when Adams owned the Houston Oilers and Wilson the Bills, whom he still owns today. The Bills came back from the largest deficit in NFL history to beat the Houston Oilers in the playoffs in 1993, and the Titans (once the Oilers) pulled off the Music City miracle on a lateraled kickoff return to beat the Bills earlier this decade in the playoffs.

The NFL fined Adams $250,000, and as all humble billionaires do, he said he would pay gladly. In my opinion, the NFL ought to pay Adams. Classic comedy.