'Bron the best

LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. I saw him and Kobe go head to head yesterday. 'Bron scored 26 and had nine assists, while Kobe had 36, nine rebounds and eight assists. While the stats make Kobe look better, 'Bron is the more dominant player and his team is a lot better than the Lakers. Cleveland handled LA, 102-87, and 'Bron showed he's a much better leader than Kobe. He stays positive with his teammates and is totally in charge out there. Kobe loses it and gets on teammates. He's a pain in the neck and kind of a baby. He was also 11-0f-32 from the floor jacking up a lot of ill-advised shots. Maybe he's compensating for the lack of help on his team, but he does not lead well.  

Kobe has four rings which would give him the edge on 'Bron, but 'Bron is the better athlete, the better penetrator, the better finisher probably the best athlete in the NBA and in any sport. Kobe is a better free throw shooter for sure–he was 12-of-12 from the charity stripe while 'Bron was 6-of-11, and may have a better outside shot; that's debatable. But for pure skill, athletic ability and an ability to lead, I go with 'Bron. Plus, he's a better guy.

Cleveland has a chance to win it all. I think they can handle any team from the west if they play the way they played yesterday. It'll  just be a matter of beating the Celtics, which will be tough. The Celtics are great, too. But if the Cavs keep playing like they did yesterday, they will be unstoppable.

Mo Williams, former University of Alabama standout point guard, had 28 for the Cavs. Mo's a stud.