Brian Kelly

The more I think about it, the more I understand Brian Kelly's decision to go to Notre Dame. It's terrible for the Cincinnati players as they prepare for the Sugar Bowl, and throws their program in a little disarray as they get ready for Florida. I feel bad for them. But you can't fault a guy who will probably make a million more a year at Notre Dame, maybe more, than he would at Cincinnati. He has a great opportunity to win a national championship–I don't understand what people are talking about saying the academic standards are too high. You can find a lot of smart Catholic boys and others who can get in, handle school and be really good football players. That is not a problem.

Kelly wanted this job; it was his dream job. He did a great job at Cincy helping put them on the football map along with former Cincy Coach Mark Dantonio. He left a great foundation there, and one that could be repeated with the right coach. There is no easy way to move from one job to another. There are going to be some angry people at your former job if you're a big time coach and you matriculate to a bigger school.

I do feel bad for the Cincy players. Maybe they can get it together with offensive coordinator-acting head coach Jeff Quinn and upset Florida. That would be a pretty cool story. It'll be hard, but they are a very good team, particularly offensively.

But I can't find fault with Kelly for going after a job that could set him up for life financially at a place he's always wanted to be. He's got to deliver, but his track record is pretty good.