Brees, Series

Drew did it again for the Saints. Is he not the most fun player in football and maybe the best fantasy player out there? Threw for 308 yards and two scores as the Saints moved to 7-0 on the season. Jabari Greer also intercepted and returned the Saints' fifth interception return for a touchdown this season; pretty amazing stuff. This is a team that believes and a city that believes. It's heartwarming really.


Phillies stayed alive behind Chase Utley's two homers, 8-6. He now has five for the Series. What a baseball player. Now they go back to Yankee Stadium for Game 6 and Game 7, if necessary.  The Phils have the odds stacked against them, but they're a pretty resilient bunch. Andy Petite will be pitching on three days rest for the Yankees against Pedro. Three days rest is doable, but it's not been done in a while in baseball, so that's something to watch for. If it goes to game seven, C.C. Sabathia will pitch his third game in the Series for the Yankees against probably Cole Hamels.