Bowl records per conference

Mountain West: 4-1 BIg East: 4-2

Big Ten: 4-3

Big 12: 4-3

SEC: 5-4

ACC: 3-4

C-USA: 2-4

Western Athletic: 2-2

Independent (Navy): 1-0

Sun Belt (Troy going tonight): 1-0

Pac 10: 2-5

Mid American (with Central Michigan left): 0-4

The most disappointing conference is the PAC-10. Who was drinking the Kool-Aid about this conference being the best conference in the country? I was for a while, but came to my senses and went back to the SEC.

Top to bottom, the SEC is still the best, but the Big Ten has been impressive and you have to give the Mountain West some credit though they haven't faced the competition the SEC or Big Ten has in the bowl games.