bowl games

1-2 in my first three picks. I'll try to do better. I'll stick with my Cincy pick in the Sugar Bowl even though there is a very good chance I'll miss that one since it's Urban Meyer's swan song for a little while. I'll just martyr myself because I picked Cincy in the first place. It's not out of the question now that Meyer is coming back. Who knows? Maybe Cincy can, "Shock the World!" as some of these athletes like to say. I was right on Marshall over Ohio in Little Caesar's Bowl. Missed Carolina-Pitt in the Meineke Car Bowl picking Carolina though Carolina blew it. Had a one point lead and would have won had they not jumped offsides on Pitt's 47-yard field goal attempt at the end of the game. That Pitt kicker had never made a field goal over 45 yards and missed an extra point against Cincy that lost the game for them. But the Tar Heels jumped offsides on the kick, and Pitt got the ball first and ten, moved it closer and kicked a 33-yarder to win it by two.

Boston College had the second worst qb in college football next to Vandy's Larry Smith as USC beat them in the Emerald Bowl. Watch out for BC's frosh qb Dave Shinskie. He's really going to light it up in years to come. He's going to light up the other side of the scoreboard.