BCS, Heisman

The BCS looks about right, though I think Alabama will prevail over Florida in the SEC championship game. Florida has a winning mentality, and they're tough to beat. I just think Alabama can overpower them with their running game and their dominant defense. Even Tebow can't beat the Tide. Texas will probably be the opponent in the national champ game, and I like Alabama there. I just like Saban's team. They are dominant defensively, and Mark Ingram is the best player in football on the best team. If Greg McElroy is on the rest of the season, getting the ball to his talented receiving corps, Alabama should capture its 13th  national championship.  

Ingram is still in the lead for the Heisman. Another big game against State. How about a 70-yard td run to go along with 149 yards rushing and another td run. Is there something he can't do? He shoots 69 on the golf course in high school and bowls a 246. The guy is amazing and a great kid to go along with it. He's a total team player. Ingram has now rushed for 1,297 yards and 10 touchdowns. He's just a game changer for the Tide. He's been dominant in games this year, particularly against South Carolina where he single-handedly won that game with almost 250 yards rushing.

Right behind him are Dexter McCluster and Toby Gerhart. McCluster amassed 324 total yards, 282 yards rushing and four tds, in Ole Miss's 42-17 victory over Tenn. He had a 71-yard td run in the game. He has 1,17o total yards on the season and 8 tds. Not huge numbers in the td department, but his game against Tn vaulted him to second in my book. He's not as physically strong as Ingram, but he is as exciting a player as I've seen in SEC in a long time; maybe since Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson. 

Gerhart has run for 1,430 yards on 262 carries with 19 touchdowns in the second best conference in the country. The PAC 10 is very close to the SEC in strength and Gerhart is phenomenal.Stanford crushed USC 55-21 on Sat., and looks like a team very much on the rise with their young, energetic coach Jim Harbaugh. Gerhart ran for 178 yards and three tds against USC. Andrew Luck is a fine frosh quarterback for them. He's thrown for 2,220 yards and 13 touchdowns.Stanford is now 7-3. Ole Miss is 7-3.

Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow are next. McCoy has completed 72 percent of his passes for 2,6oo yards and 19 touchdowns with 9 ints, and a 148 rating. Still, the competition has been inferior to the other three, and Alabama is a better team.

Tebow is still Tebow, but maybe not as dominant this year. He's completed 65 percent of his passes for 1,730 yards and 12 tds. He's run for 763 yards and 10 more tds. He's still one of the most dominant players in the history of college football, but as funny as it sounds, maybe not as dominant as prior seasons. Maybe it's because Florida just looks a little out of synch offensively. They are still getting it done, but not as impressively as prior years.

So my order of finish–and I know there are people who disagree with me on the order–is: Ingram, McCluster, Gerhart, McCoy and Tebow.