I was talking to a guy last night at this party and he was concerned about the overconfidence factor for Alabama. He said he wished Colt McCoy would have won the Heisman instead of Ingram so Alabama wouldn't be overconfident. If McCoy had won, he said, Alabama would have been out for blood. I don't totally agree with that though his point has merit. You always want a guy on your team, the guy you cheer for, who deserved to win the Heisman Trophy, win it. I think it's a boost. I do see his point: 'Bama has to be cautious about being overconfident against Texas. They are definitely the better team personnel- wise and should win.

They just have to stay hungry and focused with all the media attention they're going to get. Saban has a big challenge ahead of him keeping his players grounded and the players have to be responsible themselves and stay grounded. I still like 'Bama by 10-14. This isn't the Sugar Bowl where it's a consolation prize; this is for the National Championship and that should motivate these guys to be the best they can be every day of practice until Jan. 7.