'Bama could capture another national title

I don't know what's holding them back. The offense looks great. Mark Ingram ran for 90 yards in the A-Day game, and Trent Richardson looked all-world catching the ball out of the backfield. He made an amazing catch on an A.J. McCarron pass just inside the left sideline. If he gets to carry the ball enough this year, he could be an All-American. He can really catch the ball out of the backfield. Thought the receivers looked good except for Julio. Julio made a few catches, but I saw three drops. He needs to be concentrating on college football this year and not the NFL. Marquis Maze looked great making a beautiful catch in the end zone on a 39-yard pass from McElroy. He was out of bounds, but the refs still called it a TD. But a great play by Maze. Darius Hanks made some nice catches and Brandon Gibson looked good. He caught the game winning 39-yard TD for the White team which won 23-17.

A.J. McCarron actually looked better to me than McElroy. He may be a better qb. Really, he could beat McElroy out on talent, but McElroy has the experience and hasn't lost a college game, so they'll probably go with him. Offensive line played pretty well without William Vlachos. Didn't notice them as much, though there was some pretty good pass rush.

As has been well documented, Marcel Dareus is a beast. He will dominate this year and may be one of the best ever for the Tide before he's through. The defense played pretty much a base set, so you couldn't tell much about them. Dont'a Hightower was back so that was good to see. He and Mark Barron should be the leaders on defense this season. Dre Kirkpatrick made a nice interception. Think he'll be a stud. There are some young guys who will have to step up on defense this year.

Offensive line needs to get Vlachos back, but he should be ready to go in August. They should be fine though they will miss Mike Johnson. Still could be a real good group.

The teams that will compete for national title are 'Bama, Ohio State, Texas if qb comes through, Florida if qb can come through, Boise State, they're pretty good, and Oklahoma if qb comes through. I think Alabama is the best. Could go back-to-back this year.

If Florida and 'Bama meet in the SEC title game, I like 'Bama because of superior coaching. Meyer may retire for a couple of days again after losing to 'Bama in champ game for the second year in a row.

I will say Auburn looked good in their A-Day. They could give 'Bama a run in the standings this season. I don't think they can beat 'Bama in Tuscaloosa. AU has 11 games in a row before an off week before Alabama in Tuscaloosa. They may be pretty banged up physically by 'Bama game, and Alabama is still ahead of Auburn in talent, and particularly in depth.

Should be another 'Bama-Florida Championship game with Bama winning and then 'Bama playing Ohio State in national championship game with 'Bama winning that. They just have a winning machine down there right now and that's not going to change as long as Saban is there.