AU should be improved this year could win 10 barring injuries

Loved the way Mario Fannin ran the ball. He looked terrific. He's got strength and speed. McCalebb and Aycock should be good backups and Robert Dyer, the incoming frosh, is supposed to be all-world, so he could bring immediate help. Liked Neil Caudle the best of the qbs. He was 10-of-13 for 133 yards and a td. Cam Newton really didn't get a lot of opportunities though he threw a nice deep ball to Quindarius Carr, who looked great. Carr also caught a 70-yarder from Caudle for a score. Barrett Trotter and Clint Moseley looked good, also. It's a tough call on qb, but Caudle looks to be so accurate, has a quick release and can run. He may be the best decision maker, though I am real impressed with Moseley and Trotter. Just didn't see enough of Newton to get a read on him. Gus Malzahn will have a tough decision to make. Will he go with the young guy who has the tremendous upside, but who is unproven, or will he go with the veteran, Caudle, who looks like he can win immediately? Last year he went with the veteran and it was the right decision. After Saturday's scrimmage, I like Caudle, but this qb pool is deep. ESPNU interviewed Newton on the sidelines during the game and he seemed like a good guy. He has it together now after his problems at Florida. He could very easily be the guy and they were just holding him back on Saturday. They may have already made that decision. I'm just rating the players on what I saw.

Terrell Zachery and Darvin Adams will be great. Zachery can catch everything thrown his way and is a huge threat running the ball on end arounds. He's something else. So is Adams. Great receiver. Pretty good depth there, too, with DeAngelo  Benton and Emory Blake along with Carr, who should be the third starter. He could be a force at wide out.

Defense didn't show much as is the case with practically all Spring games. They didn't do any blitzing or stunting on defense and there was no contact on the qb, so it's tough to tell. There were some guys out with injuries like Aaron Savage, Darren Bates and Zac Etheridge. Didn't see T'Sharvin Bell either. I didn't see a lot of Eltoro Freeman or any of Jonathan Evans. Josh Bynes and, particularly, Antoine Carter looked great.

AU still needs some depth on defense. The linebacker spot may need some help from the incoming freshmen. Four Star players LaDarius Owens and Jake Holland  need to step in immediately and help at lb. They sound capable. Secondary is in good shape. Didn't watch a lot of d line. Just can't tell much about them in the scrimmage. O-line looked pretty solid led by center Ryan Pugh.

Think Auburn can win 10 if, and this is a big if, they can stay healthy. They've got a pretty favorable home schedule with Clemson, South Carolina, Arkansas, LSU and Georgia coming to the Plains. They're at State, Ole Miss and 'Bama.

The 11 games in a row before Alabama is a concern. They can't afford a lot of injuries, no team can, but AU does not have a lot of depth, and with that many games in a row, injuries are a factor.

They can win 10 games, but if they get banged up it could only be seven or eight. Newton could be the guy and could be a terrific player. This team is better than last year there is no doubt and has the potential to win 10. It's all about staying healthy because the talent is there just not a ton of depth on defense besides the secondary. Need to tackle better this year. Kicking game looks good. Wes Byrum could be an All-American. He kicked a 50-yarder. Ryan Shoemaker averaged 37.7 yards per kick.