Been talking about Alabama a lot lately, so it's time to talk about the War Eagles. Spoke with a friend of mine yesterday and he said AU is about two years away from being really good. I agree. The recruiting class is very good, particularly with the latest additions of five star rb Michael Dyer and four star wr Trovon Reed. There are four lbs in the class which the Tigers need, a couple of athletes. The class is ranked eighth in the country by Rivals.

Neil Caudle, Tyrik Rollison or Clint Moseley from Leroy will be the qb next year. Rollison and Moseley will have four more years. Could be a good year next year with Fannin, McCalebb, Kodi, Eric Smith and wrs coming back, and the addition of newcomers. Ziemba and Pugh will be back on ol which helps. Ziemba needs to get the snap count right, but he's a good player; really a stud, as is Pugh. Defense will be improved with Bynes and company back and some of injured dbs getting back. Dl should be good.

It's a three year process for Coach Chizik, and like my friend Pete says, two years from now should be very interesting. Next year will be better than this one, and another stellar class behind this one could put AU right back in the SEC championship picture and the national race.