AFC Playoffs updated

Wildcard one: Baltimore at New England:

Patriots could be without Wes Welker. Carted off the field with a knee injury. Belichick could be heavily second guessed for playing starters in a meanigless game and having one of the best receivers in football hurt. Not sure of the severity. Will give an update tomorrow. But Welker is a tough guy, if he was carted off it may be serious.

Wildcard 2:

Jets win tonight, they go to Bengals next week. If Jets lose, Houston goes to Bengals.

New England-Baltimore winner at Indianapolis Jan. 16/17 tbd

Houston or Jets-Cincy winner at San Diego Jan 16/17 tbd

I've rethought the Indy decision to rest their starters last week. I'm a football purist-I hated the Oakland Raiders moving to LA; I don't think the franchise was ever the same. I like to see teams play their best players and try to win every game. However, in this situation, the Colts have the home field throughout the playoffs and they didn't want to get Peyton or anybody else hurt. The game didn't matter. The starters did. 

New England may be burned for their decision to start the starters today.

I think you just go with your instinct. Jim Caldwell of Indy felt like his team is mature enough to handle the time off, while Bill Belichick plays to win every game regardless. There are pros and cons for each approach.

We'll see in the playoffs who might have made the better decision. Right now, it looks like Caldwell did.