a Look back; a look ahead

The call on the LSU interception was very close, but I have to say, I think Patterson got a toe inbounds. Could have been pivotal, though my belief is that LSU couldn't score a td even if they had gotten the int call. Still another bad call by an SEC official and replay booth official. Bama is looking good right now. Mark Ingram should be in pretty good shape for the Heisman. McCoy had a good game Sat. for Texas, so I guess he's back in the hunt, but Ingram's work over the season has him in the lead for sure.

Bama looks to me to be the best team in the country. I watched Florida-Vandy Sat Night and was again unimpressed with Florida's offense. They just are not crisp.

The key for Bama the rest of the season is Greg McElroy. If he plays well, Alabama will win out and capture another national championship. If he plays the way he did Sat., they will. I think they will beat MSU and Auburn--though AU could be a tough game, Au is playing well and will be jacked to knock off the Tide. MSU, you never know; they're playing inspired football under Mullen, but I think Alabama takes care of business there.

Auburn is playing well again and I like them over UGA in Athens. They have a shot with Alabama, particularly at home.

I like Alabama in a tough game with AU and I like them over Florida. They will most likely meet Texas in the BCS championship game and they can beat Texas. 

But there is a lot of work left for AU and Al. AU wants a big bowl and can do that with a win over Ga and an upset of Alabama. Alabama wants a national championship, and with Ingram and Richardson, their defense and a successful passing game, they have a very good shot.