24 is better than ever this year. What I'm pretty sure are Iranians with a fictitious name are plotting to set off a radioactive bomb that will kill many thousands in New York City. The King of the IRK's (which is the fictitious country) daughter is with the head of the organization trying to set off the bomb. She found out tonight that he was involved. She just thought they were in love and that her father was trying to arrest him because her father was being paranoid about prior events involving people plotting against him. She (the daughter) has no idea he is part of the organization trying to blow up part of New York.

They are/were in love. Now, she's trying to stall him in the hotel they're in so the NYPD can get to the hotel and save her. CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) under Jack Bauer's charges are trying to get to this guy and are on the way, but the NYPD can get there faster. Meanwhile, this guys' cohorts are trying to get the nuclear rods into Manhattan to set off the bomb and kill a lot of people. Jack got the lead on this guy from a kid who was trying to blow himself up and kill one of the leaders of the group who was against blowing up a bomb in the City and told Jack and CTU about. Jack was trying to disassemble the bomb and couldn't get it done and in the last seconds before he exploded the guy told Jack that Taren the guy Kayla (King's daughter) is with is the head of the plot. All the time, you thought Taren was a good guy whom the King had overreacted to trying to arrest him thinking Taren was in a plot to overthrow him. But you got the sense that Taren was a trusted advisor and the King was being paranoid and acting foolishly.  Turns out he wasn't. Taren and Kayla had escaped to a hotel and the King and his wife are trying feverishly to find her knowing there may be a bomb set off in New York. Taren and his men want  a hostile government to take over the IRK ruining America's attempt at peace in the Middle East.But the most immediate concern are the terrorists and the bomb. It really is riveting.

Next week looks incredibly suspenseful and exciting. According to the previews, Taren  is going to find out that Kayla  is trying to have him arrested and he's going to kidnap her and the hostiles are going to try and torture her to get Bauer and company, and the King and her mother, to back away and keep them from stopping the hostiles's plot to detonate the bomb. It's an amazing show. I highly recommend it. 8 p.m. FOX Mondays.

On another note, I didn't know this, maybe others did, but Le'Ron McClain and Rolando McClain are brothers. Le'Ron, the former Alabama fullback, now plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. Rolando will be joining him in the league next year probably with another team. Talked to Bobby Wallace, the football coach at West Alabama, and he said that say you have seven rookies signed to a roster and there are 32 teams. That's only 224 players out of thousands of senior, junior and redshirt sophomores who want  to play in the NFL. You've got to be pretty special to be a professional football player-at least in the NFL. That's probably about a 1 percent chance you're going to make it in the pros as a draftee. You could make it as a free agent. It's very hard. You've got to be really special.