Who the number one seeds will be

If Duke wins their tourney, they will probably get the one seed. If you look at it on paper, West Virginia should get it. The probable N0.1 seeds

Kansas, Kentucky, Duke (if they win) and Syracuse

Whom I think should be the one seeds:

Kansas, Kentucky, Duke (if they win) and West Virginia. If Duke loses and Ohio State wins, it should be Ohio State.

Another thing; this fawning over Kansas, I don't get it. I've watched them play three or four times this year and am not that impressed. Tennessee beat them with a short-handed team, without Tyler Smith. Kentucky just beat Tennessee yesterday with three of those four players back by 30. I don't think Kansas is going to make it past Elite Eight. I really don't. I think Kentucky, Duke, West Virginia and Ohio State, if they're all in different regions, are my favorites Final Four.