UConn, remaining hopefuls in Big East

Is out of the tourney. Lost 73-51 to St. John's in first round of Big East tourney. No chance at all. This was an amazing group of underachievers. They have a lot of talent; just not much heart. Calhoun didn't forget how to coach this year. He's been very good for 34 years or so. He did have some health problems which hurt the team and kept him away from the court for a couple of weeks. But he  had some players who didn't have the drive to make a run this year. Well, there's still a chance nine Big East teams will make it in. South Florida won today and are now 20-11 and finished 9-9 in conference, so that would probably give them nine if Syracuse, Pitt, 'Nova, West Va, Gtown, Marquette, Notre Dame and Lville make it, which they all should. Seton Hall is still in it. I just would think if I'm the committee, I'd look at the strength of this conference and see that the mid-majors are weak this year and reward teams in this conference for competing and doing well in the toughest conference in the country. I still believe nine belong. I thought it might be UConn, but they proved to not have it.

South Florida and Providence have a shot. With a win tomorrow against Georgetown, South Florida is in, in my book. Seton Hall (18-11, 9-9)  could get in with two wins also. They play Providence tonight, and if they win, they will play Notre Dame tomorrow.