Tony Barbee hired

Looks like Auburn has hired him. I think this is a good hire. He'll have to go head to head with Anthony Grant and Mike Davis in recruiting, but he's got good head coaching experience, and if he can make UTEP an NCAA team, I know he can do that at Auburn, a school that seems like they are more committed to basketball now. Really, AU has always wanted to win, Sonny Smith sure got it done and Cliff Ellis did some good things. AU just likes a winner and will support a quality basketball team particularly in an extremely nice arena. This is exciting. With a new arena and resources, Barbee should do well. He was my first choice to begin with. I think he can take the program places. He really kind of reminds me of AG at Alabama. I think he brings a sophistication to the program, but also can relate to southern bball players. Good job JJ (Jay Jacobs). Barbee: