Steve Nash

Can't tell you how much I admire and respect this 36-year old player. He plays like he's 25. Got smashed in the head by a Tim Duncan elbow Sunday Night and had to go to the locker room for six stitches. His eye was closed and bruised up in the fourth quarter but he still scored 10 of his 20 points in the fourth and assisted on 12 of Amar'e's  points. This team is something else. They are a blast to watch. Now it's the Lakers-Suns. Can the Suns beat  the Lakers? It'll be tough but they've got a shot. The great Grant Hill will be covering Kobe so that should make it tougher for Kobe. Inside, the Suns will have to deal with Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, all the Lakers' seven-footers. That's difficult. This is not the Showtime Lakers of the '80's. It's more of a grind it out, half court team with the most clutch player in the game. But the Suns are loaded, too. Robin Lopez, their big 7 footer, has been out of the playoffs with bulging discs in his back. He may come back and that would help.

The Suns are going to have to shoot well to win this tourney and that means making quite a few trifectas which they are very capable of doing. I'd give the edge to Lakers because of the home court and their size advantage, but think the Suns are an outstanding team and Nash one of the best point guards ever and a total warrior. He may will them to victory. If they can knock down a ton of threes they could knock the defending champs off.

The Magic have now swept the Hawks and await the winner of the Celtics-Cavs. Like the Cavs in a very tough series. The Cavs will have their hands full with the Magic, a team that is playing lights out right now. Celtics not out of it either.

(Steve Nash pictured above)