State up 35-31. Anybody's game. Ky not playing poorly; both teams playing hard. State missed a couple of easy ones. If they make them they're up by 10. Great game. Cousins has two fouls, which has worked mightily in State's favor. Wall not getting to the rim as usual. State has been in man to man, and I can't remember who's covering Wall, but he's doing a great job. Either Bost, Johnson or Stewart. Ravern Johnson has those long arms, so it may be him. Calipari doesn't seem too worried. Calipari said before the game, that he'd take talent over experience any day. Well, State has the experience in Varnado and company and Kentucky probably has the talent edge, but not by much. We'll see who wins out. State's got a shot though they are going to have to weather an inevitable Ky run. If you held me at gunpoint, I'd say Ky will win. But State certainly can do it.  They are a talented group and they can shoot from the perimeter. Kentucky may be flooding the outside defensively on State in the second half forcing State to beat them in the middle. Look for Wall and Bledsoe to be dribble driving through the middle leading to easy inside buckets. State needs to keep Ky on the perimeter taking shots. If they can do that, they can win it. That's so hard to do though.