SEC Bracket

Per ESPN. First round games are ET on Thursday. Note that. Alabama-South Carolina is at noon CT  not 1) and so on... First two rounds are on SEC Network, WTTO Channel 21.

Second round: Friday

Kentucky will play Al/SC winner Friday at noon

Ole Miss plays Tenn/LSU winner at 2:15

Miss State plays AU/ Florida winner at 6:30

Vandy plays Georgia/Arkansas winner at 8:45

Semis: Saturday

first game: at noon on ABC 33/40 probably involving Kentucky vs UT

second game: at 2:15 on ABC 33/40 with who knows. You'd think Vandy would have a good chance, but they do not match up well with Georgia. If it's Arkansas, Vandy would be in better shape at least as far as matchups go. Miss State would have to get by Auburn or Florida. Not a given.

Finals: Sunday at Noon-ABC 33/40