Schedule for first week of conference finals; Calipari

Calipari is tweeting that he's staying at Ky, so maybe he is. Do think he's a pro coach though has had a lot of success in college. He did say last year he was staying at Memphis and left. Don't know what he really thinks. Ky may reup on his financials and make him a very wealthy man. Still think the pros make sense for him. He'd probably make more in pros than at KY and he failed his first time in NBA. Knowing him, he's not happy with that and may want another chance though I also think he wants to win a national championship. It's 50-50 right now whether he stays or goes. Kentucky may make him an offer he can't refuse or maybe he really wants to stay there. He's kind of hard to read. Still, the pros are very attractive to him. Playoffs: