Reflections on Suns-Lakers series

Picked Suns in 6 and don't regret it. Came down to Artest's put back of Kobe air ball. If he doesn't sink that putback, they're in overtime and I like Suns' chances. Suns gave Lakers everything they wanted and could have won the series. Thought Alvin Gentry (Suns coach) didn't play Nash enough in the fourth quarter of key games they lost. Also, thought Robin Lopez should have gotten in more in the last two games. His toughness was needed under the basket for rebounds and defense. The Lakers got too many offensive boards in the last two games. Which Gentry had done a better job with personnel. Still loved this team throughout the playoffs. Hope Amar'e comes back so they can put together a championship season next year. Have all the tools to make a run in '10-11. Lakers move on to face another war. Probably their toughest war in the last two years. Two teams that don't like each other. This will be a classic series.

(Steve Nash and Kobe  Bryant)